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Planetary Mixer

This DMX-B10 dough mixer is a dough mixer. With this DMX-B10 dough mixer machine you will feel satisfied that this machine can increase your productivity in making various dough and can improve the quality of the dough so that the resulting food becomes more qualified.

The advantages of using this dough mixer are:

    The process of stirring the dough becomes faster because this dough mixer machine stirring the dough quickly and speed can be adjusted.

    With a fast time, you can make a lot of dough so that your production will increase.

    With this machine, the dough we make will be much more qualified so that the food will be made into good and quality.

So for those of you who have a business of making bread or cookies, this tool will be very useful for you because it allows you to make bread dough or cake and the results can be more qualified so that will attract visitors.

220 V

50/60 Hz

370 Watt

10 Liter

189 / 362 rpm

70 Kg
Berat Mesin

51 x 48 x 77 cm
Dimensi Mesin

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