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Drip Coffee Packing Machine (Inner & Outer)
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Sell Drip Coffee Packing Machine (Inner & Outer)

Specification of Drip Coffee Packing Machine (Inner & Outer)

Name                       Drip Coffee Packing Machine (Inner & Outer)
Model                       TO-188
Packing material      Non-woven fabric, laminated film
Measurement           Volumetric cups
Range                       5-10g/bag
Outer bag                 L120mm , W100mm, Inner bag : L70-74, W90mm

Tag size                     W20-40mm L40-50mm
Gas consumption      0.6m3/min

Capacity                    20-30bags/min

Power supply             AC 220V ,50Hz

Power                        3.7Kw.
Weight                       660Kg.
Dimension                 L1250*W760*2150mm

The machine adopt the special drip coffee fitter bag with 3 side sealing, which can be directly hung 
against the cup edge to have a better brewing effect, moreover, the neat bag shape is  a high 
fashion in the overseas  markets.  The machine intergrates


automatic  function  such  as  drip coffee bag  making,  measuring,  filling,  sealing,  cutting, counting, 
batch number printing and other functions. The  drip inner  bag  made  of non-woven fabric, 
guarantees convenient and hygienic brewing. The sealing adopts the advanced ultrasonic sealing, 
perfect sealing and beautiful bag type.

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