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Automatic Liquid Packing Machine
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Sell Automatic Liquid Packing Machine

Specification of Automatic Liquid Packing Machine

This machine is widely used to pack liquid of
low and high viscosity such as pure water,
mick juice, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar
and wine.
It can automatically sterilize the film with
violet ray, form the bag, print the code
precisely, fill the product and seal & cut at
one time.
Model PL-1000L used widely lay PE film.

Specification :

Model                                     PL-1000L

Output                                   1500-2100Bags/Hour

Capacity                                  200-500ML

Power                                    1.2KW 220VAC/380VAC

Size                                        850*750*1600mm

Weight                                   350kg

Film width                             240/320mm


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