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Tea & Coffee Roasting Machine
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Specification of Tea & Coffee Roasting Machine


This product is suitable for the frying or drying of various teas. It is also suitable for frying and

drying of shelled fruits such as melon seeds and peanuts.


1.It adopts automatic constant temperature system, and is equipped with manual ignition device

and automatic ignition system, which is convenient and quick.

2.The use of special insulation materials, better prevent the heat from escaping, rapid temperature

rise, thus achieving the purpose of saving gas.

3.The rotating structure of the drum adopts the advanced stepless speed regulation mode, which

is easy to operate, stable in operation, quick in discharging and free from residue.

4.The use of stainless steel gas row, with uniform heating, high thermal efficiency and so on.


Model              : GE-70

Dimensions : 980×1565×1630mm

Voltage : 220V/50Hz

Drum inner diameter : 700 mm

Drum inner length :100 mm

Drive motor Power : 0.75 KW

Drive motor Speed : 1390 rpm

Drive motor Voltage : 220 V

Exhaust Power : 85 W

Exhaust Fan Speed : 2200 rpm

Exhaust Voltage : 220 V

Drum speed            : 5-37 rpm

Heating type           : Liquid gas

Efficiency                : 45 kg/h

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