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Screws Counting & Packing Machine
Screws Counting & Packing Machine
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Specification of Screws Counting & Packing Machine

~This machine can automatically measure, count number, make bags, fill, seal, and print codes. This machine adopts advanced PLC + elecphoto sensors, to ensure the number in each bag is very precisely.

This machine is a combined one, it concludes two components, one is the filling parts with 1--3 vibrative fillers, and you can use one, two, three...Separately; The other part is the making bags & packing part.

This machine can be used to pack foods, electric parts and small hardware, such as: Candy, peanuts, pills, peanuts, small biscuits, troches, capsules, tablets, pearls, small bolls, and irregular objects, such as: Nails, bolts, nuts, and small hard wares etc.

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