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Multi Heads Weigher Packing Machine
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Specification of

Parameters :

Name : Multi-heads weigher Granule Packing Machine

Model : PL-420KB

Bag shape : Back sealed bag

Capacity : 15-40bags/min

Bag size : L 80-300mm; W 50-200mm

Volume : 200-2000g/bag

Control Style : PLC system+ English operation screen

Power : 2.5Kw

Power Supply : AC220v , 50Hz

Appearance : Stainless steel

Weight : G.W1000Kg

Dimension : L1320×W950×H3000mm

Film : Laminated film such as paper/polyethylene; cellophane/ polyethylene; plated, aluminum/ polyethylene; BOPP / polyethylene ; nylon/ polyethylene, etc.


This machine can automatically measure, make bags, fill, seal, cut, print codes. This machine can
be equipped with volumetric cups, multi-heads weighers, It can pack all kinds of grain or granule,
like coffee, sugar, salt, beans, creamer, seasoning, desiccant, washing powder, etc. Or big grains,
such as, pills, tablets, capsule, candies, nuts, peanuts, dry fruits, agricultural products, etc.
Or, slice, block, bar products and puffed foods, such as, oil fried foods, potato slices, shrimp
slices, crispy rice, and so on.


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